Sunday, February 12, 2006

Oh Nine Oh

Finally got glChess 0.9.0 out the door! So it's up there on the website as a source and .deb package.

I had to end up making a .deb package for PyGtkGLExt. Hopefully Debian/Ubuntu will take the work off my plate in the future!

So one big new features is good AI support - I have it working with four AIs and you can load and save games without the AIs getting confused. It turned out most AIs don't seem to have a save function so I just inform them on load what the previous moves were.

But there's no network support now. I plan to get it back in later.


Joel said...

How difficult is it to make a package for debian/ubuntu.... I've always wondered but never had the need to try!

Robert Ancell said...

It's not too hard... Theres quite a lot of bits and pieces to configure but basically you use 'debhelper' to make the skeleton. Delete about half of it (as it's basically optional) and then tweak the source a bit.

First few times takes a while then gets easier :)