Monday, May 08, 2006

Sick of Drupal

The glChess Drupal website seems to be slowly falling apart... I'm not sure if it's or the old version but I keep getting errors about not being able to log into MySQL and not being able to upload files. So I have been unable to add new content which has put a nail in the coffin for it.

So run and hide Mr Hunter as I am trying to find you and force you to whip me up a simple Rails/Zope site that I can extend.

As I side note I found that people were leaving comments on the site but were getting stuck in a moderation queue. After deleting the 75% spam there were some good comments left.

I particularly like this one:
This is some of the WORST written code I've seen. I can understand why you morons ceased working it! Sincerely, Will L G

It's always nice to receive feedback! :)

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