Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Why is Gmail search so crap?

Why is Gmail search so crap? I can never find anything with it... For example today I was looking for my sisters phone number which is in an email conversation that is fairly unambiguous. So I search for "sarah phone", "sarah number", "sarah phone number" etc. These all come up with a few or no results but not the conversation that actually has the number. Finally I found it with "sarah's phone number".

I really expect Google to be a lot smarter with search - an apostrophe shouldn't stop it from matching a word! And ideally the search would be fuzzy so I could at least look through a list of conversations to find this one (thus training their search algorithm). I would even expect GMail to know/learn that "phone" and "number" should match conversations with long numbers in them. Perhaps the GMail team needs some of the core search guys to really spice things up.
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