Sunday, April 15, 2007

I've been running Google Analytics on the glChess homepage. Looking at statistics over this period shows the visitors are dominated by the French and Italian:

Are Europeans big chess players or big open-source users or both?


Squirk said...

Where do they come from?
(Cross-referencing referal data and country might reveal a French news site and an Italian porno site are responsible.)

Robert Ancell said...

The French are coming from, Everyone else is coming from Google or the Gnome sites.

Checking the map is misleading... The Geo location page shows the US is the biggest single group (but very spread out), but combining all the European countries makes them bigger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I like your Chess very much and that is the major reason I switched from CentOS to
ubuntu Feisty Fawn. However, I would like to have an option to display coordinates!


Robert Ancell said...

Thanks for the feedback! Numbering is on the list of things to do... (Bug #392286)