Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Moving gcalctool UI to Glade

The another night the Gnome Calculator (another "core" open-source project without a website) was annoying me in how it has a separate memory register window. I'm a big fan of reducing the number of floating dialogs (unless there is a good reason to have them) so I made a patch to move this window inside the main window (Bug 485398). I blind tested this on Henry and he agreed it was better. Unfortunately it doesn't work when the numbers in the registers are huge (can't think of a good UI workaround) so it hasn't been accepted.

However I was foolishly tempted to convert the ~3500 line gtk.c into using Glade (Bug 485919). Which has been taking up all my glChess/GGZ development time but is nearly finished. But I think it's a useful addition for the future of gcalctool.

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Joel said...

good on ya :)