Friday, May 09, 2008

Apport/Bug Buddy disabled in Ubuntu 8.04?

After upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 it appears my automatic bug reporting is disabled. Due to the number of Ubuntu sourced reports coming in for Gnome Games it can't be disabled on everyone's system... So a bit of investigation showed it might be apport. Looking in /etc/init.d/apport showed this was disabled so I enabled that by editing /etc/default/apport and set enabled=1. After /etc/init.d/apport restart I could happily file away a nautilus bug.

But wait a minute... That report went to Launchpad, not Gnome Bugzilla! (Wouldn't it be a nice world in which Ubuntu got the flood of duplicates for the things we fix but they never update </gripe>). It appears apport is only enabled during development so I shouldn't have had to enable it. I figure it is bug-buddy that normally catches bugs and sends to Gnome; is anyone else getting this/know how to tell if the crash catcher is running?


Anonymous said...

nowadays ubuntu installs apport instead of bug-buddy, but if people have updated from an older ubuntu version that still had bug-buddy as default, bug-buddy is still used. you can see that incoming ubuntu 8.04 reports still list bug-buddy 2.18 (instead of 2.22) when reported to

iirc this has been discussed on the bugsquad list before (too lazy to grab for links :-P).

Anonymous said...
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