Monday, December 21, 2009

Translate Simple Scan

One of the great features of Launchpad is how easy it is to translate applications. Make sure you have a Launchpad login and then you can translate Simple Scan from your browser!

Your translations need to be reviewed by the Ubuntu Translators team, if you are a member please review any translations!

Here is the UI for 0.7.6 in Romanian:


Jeroen Hoek said...

Works quite nice. You should have a Dutch translation too as soon as someone with translator privileges wades through the suggested translated strings.

Unknown said...

@Jeroen: remember you can speed up the review of your translations by letting the translation team assigned to your language know about them.

You can contact them by finding them on this list:

Jeroen Hoek said...

Won't the translation teams for my languages pick up on your application automatically, or shouldn't the application maintainer send out a request for a checked translation when a language has all (or nearly all) of its strings suggested? As a drive-by translator, I just do the fieldwork for a translation team to sign off on. I can imagine most drive-by translators feel that their contribution should be limited to just suggesting translations, unless they are part of a translation/l10n-team.

You put up the GPL header text for translation as well, but most languages either ignore this or copy the English text. Should that really be a translatable string? What do other projects do?