Saturday, March 06, 2010

Simple Scan 0.9.6 (1.0 Release Candidate)

A few days ago I released simple-scan 0.9.6. This version is the 1.0 release candidate.

There are two things I'd like to fix before 1.0:

  • There may be some issues with scanning from an automatic document feeder (ADF). Please comment on bug 512553 if you are having problems. (I don't have an ADF to test).

  • The generated PDF files do not JPEG compress the images. This is because the Cairo renderer does not support it. If you know of a C accessible library that can do this or even how to hard code this (the PDF files are just a single image per page) then please comment on bug 534122.


Nathan Nutter said...

Congrats and good work!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Robert ! A good software to scan in Ubuntu.

Ashwin said...

Simple Scan is exactly what I was looking for after a tiring encounter with the monstrosity that is XSANE.

The only problem is that the default settings of brightness, contrast and gamma seem to be very wrong for my Canoscan LIDE 30. Additions of these parameters to the Preferences in Simple Scan would be very useful for me.

id scanner said...

It is always great to get an "inside" view on a program! I love your blog! Thank you for updating the "jussy" details.