Monday, July 31, 2006

Playing with Avahi

Today I was playing around with Avahi for inclusion in glChess. The documentation is a little thin but luckily there are some helpful people in #avahi. So in glChess subversion _glchess._udp (still don't quite get the Zeroconf naming) services show up in the (new) join game dialog. I've got the transport layer working for the network so it should all come together some time soonish.

But I can't post without a bit of a gripe... It seems a lot of APIs have ultra generic function/method calls which means when you pass in an incorrect parameter you get some useless error message. Developers *please* explicitly check the passed variable signature is correct and generate a meaningful error message if it does not.

Oh and once the networking is done I need a serious refactoring session.

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