Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Google calendar + Evolution

For those familiar with Gnome there is a calendar widget on the upper taskbar (by default). This is probably one of the most useful features of the Desktop: it shows the full date and clicking on it brings quickly brings down a small calendar. I use this all the time and are constantly tripped up when using Windows (their one only displays partial date, tooltips take ages to come up, double clicking on it brings up config window with calendar that takes ages).

So today I thought since this mini-calendar was linked to the Evolution Data Server (implemented I don't know how many Gnome versions ago), perhaps I could put my Google Calendar in there. So double click on a day and Evolution (slowly) pops up. After getting lost in the heavy interface I go Menu->New->Calendar, copy the address Google Calendar provides in the settings and voila! My Gnome desktop now displays all my appointments (and birthdays) one click away from anywhere! 11 chainsaws out of 10!

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Squirk said...

That's a lot of chainsaws.