Sunday, March 04, 2007

Boo's chess engine

I've just packaged Boo's Chess Engine (or BCE, or BACE, or ddlchess as it is known...) for Debian/Ubuntu adding another easily installed AI that works with glChess. I think I have some sort of addiction finding open source chess engines and packaging them :)

p.s. I found it quite funny posting the same article twice!


Andreas R said...

It seems that new OSS chess engines pop up from time to time. Do you have any references with information about writing a new chess engine? I think it would be fun to try writing one in Python. I'd have to research some chess AI algorithms first, though.

Bob said...

The PyChess people have a built in chess engine written in Python.

An interesting open-source engine is Gray Matter which is designed to be a learning tool (C++).

I haven't looked too closely but I haven't noticed too many documents on how to write an engine. I'm trying not to get involved as I have a list of features as long as my arm to do in glChess first :)

Hey, wouldn't it be cool to have some Baysian/supercomputer style engine that used all the Gnomers CPUs with glChess open at the same time...