Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Have you mooed today?

I notice that apt-get is not the only mooer in town. Try ip moo (from iputils).


Squirk said...

aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers (it says so in the usage/help information).

Hamish Twaddle said...

Feature Request.

I want/need an undo button. The old "oh yea that was a stupid move" plagues my games.


Still fat, but ever so sexy

Hamish Twaddle said...

I see Chess Engine Communication Protocol supports "undo", "remove". Where as the universal chess interface does not appear to support an undo. So could be a bit of a challenge for you.

If the user asks to back up one move, xboard will send you the "undo" command. xboard will not send this command without putting you in "force" mode first, so you don't have to worry about what should happen if the user asks to undo a move your engine made. (GNU Chess 4 actually switches to playing the opposite color in this case.)

If the user asks to retract a move, xboard will send you the "remove" command. It sends this command only when the user is on move. Your engine should undo the last two moves (one for each player) and continue playing the same color.

* position [fen fenstring | startpos ] moves move1 .... movei

set up the position described in fenstring on the internal board and
play the moves on the internal chess board.

Robert Ancell said...

UCI does effectively have undo - each time a move is made _all_ the previous moves are sent (I didn't get this but got clarification from the author). So to "undo" just send moves 1 to N-1 instead of 1-N.

So since you are now familiar with this you can fix this bug: