Sunday, June 03, 2007

The thin Gnome line

I'm finding recently I'm not making any significant progress on glChess. When I get around to some development after I've gone through the flood of incoming bugs there's no time to add new features! I really want to get the GGZ support into 2.20... I stopped spending time on the flood of Sudoku bugs a while ago.

It is interesting as more distributions change to Gnome 2.18 how many 1 in a million (or other appropriate large number) bugs turn up. I can only assume this user has somehow overwritten their gobject install... Weird *. There seem to be a lot of errors in peoples libraries. Hard to know what to do with these bugs as they're outside the scope of glchess but I'd prefer not to close them NOTGNOME too quickly.

* It would be good from a maintainers point of view if the big distributions like Ubuntu had a background process that audited all installed files so corruption could be picked up (and the packages re-installed).


Squirk said...

rpm already has a --verify option that can be performed over the whole system from a scheduled process.

I don't know about dpkg.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there's a lot of bugs which need fixing in gnome-games these days... The only ones we really need to consider are the ones which affect a lot of people, ie. with a lot of duplicates in bugzilla.

Hope you are able to finish GGZ support before 2.20.0 hits feature freeze. :-)

Robert Ancell said...

Squirk: I'm sure all the framework exists but it needs to be turned on by default so 90% of users have it working (and reporting errors somewhere appropriate)...