Thursday, February 18, 2010

AdWords Experiment

Google keeps bugging me to open an AdWords account (via Google Analytics, which is a lot of fun). So with my $75 free* credit I am going to join the advertising game and advertise this blog! It will be interesting to see how powerful advertising is...

So, if you got here via a Google ad. leave a comment!

Maybe I should have advertised a rickrolling site instead... :)

*Free if you include having to spend $20 to set up the account.

1 comment:

RainCT said...

I would have done the same if it wasn't because of the activation fee... (Got a $100 voucher by mail and a 75€ one by post). Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing if you got any results...

By the way, I suppose you can only use one code, but if not I can give you mine (just poke me on IRC).