Monday, February 15, 2010


Tired of not being able to configure many settings for GDM in Karmic? Two community members; Garth Johnson and Nick Glynn have developed a great tool called gdm2setup which gives you a lot more control:

Try it out from their PPA!


muzzol said...

what about gdmsetup?

why dont contribute to that tool instead of creating another one?

i dont get it

Andreas Nilsson said...

muzzol: Why should they do that?
The current gdmsetup does what most people need, and this tool is great for those who wish to play around and customize GDM some more.

Anonymous said...

The new defaults in Karmic, especially the display of the User List, were a really bad decision. And not having access to these settings through gdmsetup is extremely irritating.

muzzol said...

wait, i didn't notice that gdmsetup has changed so much.

i was expecting something like this:

but i see there's in deep changes in gdm and its tools.

really confusing for final user

Anonymous said...

I miss the gdm themes i had installed before i upgraded to karmic. gdm2setup atleast gives me back some controls to modify how my login screen looks. However, the banner option does not seem to work for me.

Rick Spencer said...

Yeah for the gdm2setup team. Community development kicks ass. Great job! Thanks for bringing this to our attention Bob.

@muzzol - if you think they are doing it wrong, why not ask to join the team and offer to help?