Thursday, November 11, 2010


In the Ubuntu Desktop team we're currently packaging GNOME 3 components for Ubuntu as per the blueprint decided at the last Ubuntu Developer Summit.

If you're already brave enough to be running Natty, then you can additionally try some new GNOME 3 applications by adding the GNOME3 builds PPA into your sources.  Expect the usual - the packages may not work perfectly, and it's non-trivial to downgrade, so be warned!

We're going to evaluate these packages in the PPA and decide how many are appropriate to include in Natty.


Thomas said...

newest versions of clutter/clutter-gtk would be useful as well

Jonh Wendell said...


clavicymbel said...


• ppa-purge need to be updated to deal with Packages.gz

• in particular new control center looks pretty rough

• it forgot a lot of desktop settings with no apparent way to change them

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm running Gnome Shell on Natty and loving it, courtesy of your ppa. I've found that the gnome-shell-extensions bring the whole thing crashing down when you try installing them in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions (i.e. you get a a big 'unhappy-face' icon and an invitation to try again when you log in). Do you have any news about support for gnome-shell-extensions?