Thursday, November 11, 2010

LightDM status update

It must be time to update on how progress is going with LightDM.
  • PCMan from LXDE wrote an awesome new greeter that uses GtkBuilder for layout. This allows you to easily theme up new greeters, the default one being the old Industrial theme:

  • There's been some interest in writing a QT based greeter, and I hope we'll be able to show that working soon.
  • I've started to write some documentation.
  • non-proposed LightDM for inclusion in GNOME 3 (I don't feel it will be sufficiently ready in time).  This raised the idea of should we switch display managers in the future and got some good feedback.
  • We had a UDS session on LightDM which also gave some good feedback.  The outcome is that I plan to make LightDM easily installable in Ubuntu 11.04 as an alternative display manager.
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