Monday, December 26, 2005

Ode to repr()

The repr() function in Python is just great. I love the distinction between str() (presentation) and repr() (content).

The amount of times I've had to muck around in C until I find a string has a non-printable character in the middle of it (like carriage return)... I'm loving the debugging speed using Python :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

A new blog

Where should I begin...

For those who know me I like to get involved in Open Source. Unfortunately working as an embedded software engineer doesn't leave much typing power when I get home. So development comes in fits and bursts...

The most successful project I have worked on is glChess. Chosen as an achievable project it has been a vehicle for learning. It actually ended up being very successful (and I still don't really play chess!). The following projects were more ambitious and were less successful but taught me a lot. I am currently porting glChess to Python.

I hope to keep regularly posting here to keep a record of the successes and failures on where I drift in software development. (So when I get old and start forgetting I can refer to!). If time persists I am very keen to get more seriously involved in the Gnome community (hence the name).