Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gnome Games Modernisation

The GNOME Games project maintains fifteen small "five-minute" games for the GNOME desktop.

Unfortunately over time the games have struggled to keep up with the latest GNOME technology due to the time required to do this.  And the further behind we've got the harder it is for new developers to get involved as the code is hard to work with.

So the time has come for a great modernising.  And here's where you fit it :)

We've picked eight of the games we think are the best and we want to focus on bringing them up to modern standards.  The games are Chess, Five or More, Mines, Iagno, Mahjongg, Sudoku and Swell Foop.  These games all have been or are in progress of being ported to Vala.  Vala is a modern programming language that will be familiar to anyone who has used Java or C#.

We have a Matrix of things to do:
with the goal being to turn everything to green.

So, if you're interested in helping out follow any of the bug links and start fixing the bugs!  All the tasks should be able to be completed independently and shouldn't be too complex to achieve.  Anyone is welcome to attempt these and there are non-coding tasks (documentation and design).