Monday, December 06, 2010

Brainstorm Idea #25877: GNOME System Monitor lacks in-depth information

One of the popular Ubuntu Brainstorm ideas is to improve GNOME System Monitor.  This has been reported to the upstream project, and the project developers agree with the concept.

There is a proposed design: (no attribution as it's not clear who made this)

How can you get involved?

If you have some coding skills, then consider making a patch to fix this!  This is a well-defined feature request, and should be relatively easy to get to work.  Here's how:
  1. Comment on the bug that you are interested in working on this.  Ideally the GNOME System Monitor developers will be able to help you, but I am also watching the bug and willing to help out.
  2. Get the dependencies required to build the GNOME System Monitor.  On Ubuntu this is as easy as: sudo apt-get build-dep gnome-system-monitor.
  3. Check out the upstream: git clone git://
  4. Build and test it: ./ --prefix=`pwd`/install ; make ; make install ; ./install/bin/gnome-system-monitor.
  5. Make some changes and repeat from step 4 until everything works.
  6.  When you are done, do a git commit -a; git format-patch origin and attach the patch to the bug report.
Happy coding!