Thursday, November 02, 2006

Release Candidate 2

glChess release candidate 2 is all ready to go... Except there seems to be a bug in dpkg-dev. So you'll just have to wait. It fixes a 64 bit bug, a 3D bug and adds fullscreen mode.


2006-11-02 vers. 1.0 RC2
o Fix to lib/glchess/scene/opengl/ to fix CRC check on 64 bit
systems (Bug found by Michal Bentkowski).
o Fix to lib/glchess/scene/opengl/ to stop exception
selecting outside board in 3D mode (Bug found by Michal Bentkowski).

o Moved glade files to top-level directory.
o Make symbolic link so Glade can find the icon when not installed.

o Added fullscreen mode.

o Explicity kill the about dialog as Gtk+ 2.10 does not do it
o Got rid of bogus GtkWarning from GtkComboBox on startup.

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