Sunday, March 04, 2007

Boo's chess engine

I've just packaged Boo's Chess Engine (or BCE, or BACE, or ddlchess as it is known...) for Debian/Ubuntu adding another easily installed AI that works with glChess. I think I have some sort of addiction finding open source chess engines and packaging them :)

p.s. I found it quite funny posting the same article twice!


Anonymous said...

It seems that new OSS chess engines pop up from time to time. Do you have any references with information about writing a new chess engine? I think it would be fun to try writing one in Python. I'd have to research some chess AI algorithms first, though.

Robert Ancell said...

The PyChess people have a built in chess engine written in Python.

An interesting open-source engine is Gray Matter which is designed to be a learning tool (C++).

I haven't looked too closely but I haven't noticed too many documents on how to write an engine. I'm trying not to get involved as I have a list of features as long as my arm to do in glChess first :)

Hey, wouldn't it be cool to have some Baysian/supercomputer style engine that used all the Gnomers CPUs with glChess open at the same time...