Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gnome bug triaging

We're getting a lot of bug reports flowing in for Gnome games. I try and knock off a few each weekend but progress is still slow. Most are coming from the automated reports from Feisty users.

So here's my top 3 bugs that need to be fixed asap:

  • #409172 - Sudoku crashes when loading. Haven't looked into this at all but we probably get a few reports each day

  • #418427 and #412690 - Both Sudoku and chess can't find their libraries on Feisty - I suspect this is an upgrade issue only but none of the many reports have any information on how to reproduce

  • #428560 - Some dubious Sudoku code that extracts an integer from label text. Doesn't work when the label is translated. (I've been bugging Joel to fix this).

We need your help!


Hamish Twaddle said...

Do not forget the best bug ever Bug 432216

Joel said...

yeah i keep finding my spare time eaten by all manner of things :( hopefully will have an evening free sometime this week for it though.