Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gcalctool 5.23.1

The Gcalctool team is proud to annouce the release of Gcalctool 5.23.1.
This release contains a number of bugfixes:
* Fixes a number of compiler warnings (Bugs #526976, #526702, #527318)
* Fixes incorrect negation precedence (Bug #526094)
* Fixes issues with thousands seperators and radix in non-english
locales (Bug #527669)
* Fixes regression in constant and function menus (Bug #527545)
* Fixes problem where display is invisible after solving equation
(Bug #524602)

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1 comment:

Ta bu shi da yu said...

Many thanks Bob (or whoever coded it) for the localize_expression function :-)

The thousands separator issue was driving me up the wall...