Friday, May 09, 2008

Hello Planet

Since my posts are now being amplified by Planet Gnome I should take this time to introduce myself... Hi, my name is Robert Ancell and I am an open-source developer currently active in Gnome Games (particularly the chess game which I started many years ago and was merged into Gnome in 2.18) and I am the maintainer of GCalctool having taken over from Rich Burridge for the 2.22 release (I swear he sneaked that over to me when I wasn't watching ;) ).

In my more pays-the-rent side of life I am a software engineer having come from an embedded background and now working for a large financial organisation in Sydney, Australia. I get into open-source code when I have some spare time which leads to fairly unpredictable progress on projects (actually I normally find I have time after a release so I get a release worth of duplicates before the change is released - now that's Murphey's law!).

My goals for Gnome currently is to get the code I'm working on simpler and more reliable. This goal will inevitable slip when I find some flashy feature to introduce :).

p.s. I don't actually play chess so fear ye all who left me writing the Gnome version!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to PGO, Bob!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to planet gnome mate, I love your chess game :)