Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simple Scan 0.9.0

Here it is; feature complete and just some minor bugfixes from 1.0:

If you haven't tried it, it comes by default in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid), you can enable the PPA in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) by going to System>Administration>Software Sources>Other Software>Add and adding ppa:robert-ancell/simple-scan then installing the simple-scan package.

Any other GNOME system should be able to build it from source.

From now to 1.0 I wont be adding any new features, just fixing bugs and polishing.

Post 1.0 the major features I'm most interested in are colour management, optical character recognition, integration with gscan/gnomescan, integration with photo management software and storing density information in saved files.

Please help if you can!


Anonymous said...

Is this going to replace XSane in Lucid?

Jean-Philippe said...

Anonymous: Yes.
(look at the end, under "Migration")

Anonymous said...

oh god yes :D

xsane was a good program, but i really think for new users it was far too complex, be it interface, logo, or the kinda confusing name.

cool cool cool

rodgersan said...

As Simple Scan aims to be simple, would it be possible to add plugin support? This way, external people would be able to add features which are anything but "simple". I'm thinking of preview zooming, document types editing (like profiles), output choosing (fax, ocr, web services).
If gnomescan is not developed anymore, wouldn't be better to stay with sane?
Last but not least, it would be cool to ask the user if they want to save their current document. (or tabs maybe)
Thanks for Simple Scan!

Klau3 said...

preview zooming would be cool

Unknown said...

Installing now, I'm excited to try it out!

There's a simpler way to add the PPA and install in Karmic. Just use these 3 commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robert-ancell/simple-scan
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install simple-scan

Anonymous said...

installed simple-scan in Ubuntu Karmic thanks to your PPA.

Thank your for making Simple Scan, I have used XSane and I think this looks better. The buttons and so on are easy to understand and use. The "cut" tool was good.

I am scanning all the mail for my brother that have moved out of the country(cus studies), on a LAN scanner(Brother DCP-6690CW).

Simple Scan works fine for the first scan, but when I press "new" and try to scan again it stops(showing the working icon). I have to close the program to scan again(have tried several times). I do not have this problem in XSane.

I miss a cancel button.

The program should also warn you when closing the app when you have not saved the work.

Simple Scan is new and looking good; I hope it get fixed when Lucid comes out.

Best regard

Bermd said...

I tried SimpleScan on Ubuntu 9.10 and I didn't like it.
The quality of the result (PDF) was bad. I missed OCR

I prefer gscan2pdf. gscan2pdf could save the documents in djvu format. Also I'm ablo to configure some necessary scanner settings.

Robert Ancell said...

Not opposed to plugins, as long as the default experience is good:

@Thomas, You can cancel pressing escape, yes, I think a cancel button needs to be included somewhere:
I think your multi-page scanning problem is fixed, please try 0.9.2.
You document will be automatically saved when scanning:

Anonymous said...

Very nice stuff

rodgersan said...

Nifty! Thank you for your answer!

Marco Lazzaroni said...

Good job! Keep up the good work!
Just added some translations for italian :-)

gr0dankermit said...

I like Simple Scan too, hope to see better PDF-support/quality in coming updates!

business card scanner said...

I must say that I enjoy this program very much! Regarding the simplicity issue- Facebook isn't easy to use as well, but people aren't it very fast! I didn't find it very hard to use at all! Great review :)

Chris said...

Nice to be able to use my Samsung SCX-4521F scanner on Linux now.

Simple Scan is perfect for basic document scanning.

Great job.