Monday, May 08, 2006

Sick of Drupal

The glChess Drupal website seems to be slowly falling apart... I'm not sure if it's or the old version but I keep getting errors about not being able to log into MySQL and not being able to upload files. So I have been unable to add new content which has put a nail in the coffin for it.

So run and hide Mr Hunter as I am trying to find you and force you to whip me up a simple Rails/Zope site that I can extend.

As I side note I found that people were leaving comments on the site but were getting stuck in a moderation queue. After deleting the 75% spam there were some good comments left.

I particularly like this one:
This is some of the WORST written code I've seen. I can understand why you morons ceased working it! Sincerely, Will L G

It's always nice to receive feedback! :)

1 comment:

Joel said...

Been hearing that lots of ppl are having SF problems recently...

BTW, I'm learning to program in python so may eventually be able to work on glchess again.

P.S Some people are too kind with their comments ;)