Monday, May 15, 2006

Released glChess 0.9.3

Release glChess version 0.9.3 (screenshot looks much the same as the previous one).

Didn't get the multi-threading into it but the history bar works well and I added piece animation. This had been requested many times but now with the new code was quite easy to implement. I refactored the code quite a lot from 0.9.2 so hopefully it is more to the liking of others :).


Squirk said...

I tried making glchess 0.9.3 go under Windows, but ultimately failed with GtkGlExt and its Python bindings. I did document my progress, though.

I also made a first cut at a distutils, but the installationg looks a bit weird with the way the source modules are arranged at the moment.

Robert Ancell said...

Yes I have not worked out the "correct" Python layout for files...

What I have found best in general is files should be layed out into directories so that there are not more than (say) 7 files in one place - i.e. try to match the number of things a person can thing of at once.

I think this makes it easier for another person to get into a project (i.e. whole branches are hidden and don't need to be understood immediately).