Sunday, September 10, 2006

glChess 0.9.7

New version!

This mostly came about when I actually decided to try playing a game. Turns out somewhere along the line I buggered up the logic with the AIs and they could no longer play as black. And this led onto some long-standing AI issues that had been bothering me...

1. The GUI now contains a dialog of AI communication - this should make debugging much easier.
2. When glChess quits it sends signal 9 to the AIs if they don't die in 500ms. This is a bit of an ugly hack (see but I can't find a logical system command to do this.
3. When glChess crashes it kills the AIs. This was a big problem as GNUchess goes off into la-la land and eats 100% CPU when its controller dies (you notice the battery dissapearing on a laptop!). I need to add a GUI dialog to show the stack trace now. After a crash the game is saved too which is good.

Oh, and this all got triggered by me adding support for the Phalanx chess engine. From small things...


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