Friday, September 15, 2006

glChess... Now in 2D!

If glChess goes into Gnome games then I think it needs a 2D mode for those without fast 3D hardware. So after some shameless code stealing from pychess here is the prototype:

You can play a game and all - I'm suprised how easy it was to add in. The hard work now is making the UI able to switch and the rendering code to be efficient.

Oh and I guess I need a new name now...


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Suggestion for new name... Gnome Chess :)

Robert Ancell said...

Has a nice ring to it :)

Anonymous said...

"Oh and I guess I need a new name now..."


(I would suggest others but the general idea is that obvious names are good, good for user if not necessarily good for seach engine rankings)